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Bangkok Cuisine




About us

Bangkok Cuisine Express is founded on the belief that the best Thai Food should be cooked By Thai. Chef Toom, who always cooks with love and passion, has been working and has experience about food for 15th years as she is also cook with intension for her family. In everyday, there are so many intension dishes that she cooks for everyone in the family. They have a happiness with a time of eatting together and with her cooking skills that is delicious so everyone in the family have idea offer to open a small Thai restaurant which is a family style. All of this is what's Bangkok Cuisine Express comes from.


In November, 2011, we decided to take over the Thai restaurant. And our restaurant set goal is how to make customers feel free like they are eatting good food with families at home in friendly atmosphere and talking with someone you love. We intend to make the simple, comfort and relax like a house. Tell us what you liked, what you eat and what you needed. We do order by order with love and ready to serve everyone like our families.

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